Stepping out for a star-studded night with fashion’s finest, A-listers came out in full force for the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards in New York City last night (November 14).

Held at the ultra-posh Skylight Soho, stylish celebs Amanda Seyfried, Olivia Wilde, Mia Wasikowska and a nearly unrecognizable Rooney Mara were all on-hand to see Joseph Altuzarra win this year’s prestigious prize.

Showing up to the swanky event with their significant others, Rebecca Romijn posed with hubby Jerry O’Connell in a satin mini dress, while Ivanka Trump hit the red carpet alongside Jared Kushner in a fabulous black and white plunging frock.

Additionally, Brooklyn Decker, Doutzen Kroes and Chloe Moretz prettied up the event in dazzling dress while hunky Joe Jonas looked super handsome as he hammed it up in a sleek black tux and white bow tie.


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Talkback: Is It Time For Brad Pitt to Retire?This weekend, Brad Pitt announced that he plans on retiring from acting in three years. Sure, a declaration like that should be taken with a grain of salt, especially considering the similar threats made by actors like Ryan Gosling and drunken directors like Steven Soderbergh, that turned out to be mere fantasies rather than concrete plans. Regardless of the sincerity of this statement though, Movieline wonders: Is it time for Brad Pitt to quit acting?

The bombshell came this weekend during an interview with the UK’s 60 Minutes program, during which Pitt revealed to correspondent Tara Brown that he would only like to continue doing his “business” for three more years. Three years is certainly a reasonable goal considering that in three years, the actor will be 50 years old and will have spent nearly three decades in front of the camera. On the other hand though, it seems like 2014 would be a premature exit for the actor, who some have said, never got the award recognition or praise that he deserved because of his good looks. If that is the case, then wouldn’t three years from now, when the actor’s youthful attractiveness evolves into a slightly less distracting visage, be the time for Pitt to shine?

The actor has been nominated for an Academy Award twice — for 1995’s Twelve Monkeys and 2008’s The Curious Case of Benjamin Button — but has never taken home an Oscar. This year, Pitt is in the running for a Best Actor nod for his turn as the beleaguered baseball coach in Moneyball, a performance that Movieline’s own Stephanie Zacherek considered a career breakthrough.

According to IMDB, Pitt has signed…


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Kim Kardashian has returned to the public eye in a small way. The reality star posted a letter to fans on her blog, breaking her silence for the first time since announcing her intent to divorce Kris Humphries.

Kim KardashianShe’s baaaaaaaack! Kim Kardashian has stayed out of the public eye since bailing out of her Australian trip in the middle of a promotional tour — but now the reality star is breaking her silence for the first time since announcing her split from Kris Humphries after just 72 days of marriage.

Kardashian posted a note on her blog thanking fans for their support during this tumultuous time.

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“Hi everyone! I just wanted to thank you guys for all your support these last two weeks,” she wrote.

“I took a break from blogging for a while, but I’ve missed you guys so much and I want to start sharing my updates with you all again. I’ve been reading all your comments on here and, as always, my loyal blog dolls have been nothing but supportive. You all know who you are, so thank you! I love you guys.”

The blog post comes hot on the heels of word that Kardashian intends to sue a former PR partner who claims her wedding was scripted, along with much of the rest of her televised life.

“Everything that he is saying is false and nonsense,” attorney Marty Singer told TMZ. “This guy is in it to promote himself for his 15 minutes of fame.”

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Kardashian claims the PR flack, Jonathan Jaxson, only worked with her once years ago and that a confidentiality agreement legally prevents him from discussing the star at all. However, Jackson says the only such agreement in his possession has no signatures on it and is therefore null and void.

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Roseanne Barr‘s ex-husband is demanding $75,000 for attorneys’ fees, and another $100,000 for dragging him through a child custody battle — and he claims that’s a tiny fraction of her $42 MILLION fortune.

Ben Thomas filed legal docs today demanding that massive amount of money … in the wake of their extended custody battle over their teenage son, Buck. The exes reached a settlement back in August — but Thomas claims Roseanne’s efforts to strip him of custody were only motivated by revenge … hence the demand for $100K.

In the document, Thomas points out the $100,000 is a mere .002% of Roseanne’s net worth of $42 million — but that math just doesn’t add up.  By our calculations (and we’re no math geniuses) it’s more like .2%.

By the way, Thomas claims he earns $7,305 monthly … compared to Roseanne’s $211,667 per month.




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Actress Holly Marie Combs is divorcing her husband David Donoho after seven years of marriage.

Holly Marie Combs and David Donoho

Holly Marie Combs is apparently no longer charmed by her husband of seven years, David Donoho. The Pretty Little Liars star filed for divorce today, citing irreconcilable differences.

Combs, 37, met Donoho in 2001 when he was a key grip on the set of her show Charmed, in which she played the witch Piper Halliwell. The couple got married on Valentine’s Day in 2004 and have three kids together, 7-year-old Finley, 5-year-old Riley and 2-year-old Kelley.

No word what caused the split, but TMZ is reporting that a source says the relationship has been on the rocks for “quite a while.” Combs is requesting joint custody for their three children.

The couple reportedly has no prenuptial agreement, which could mean an expensive divorce for Combs.

Find out how much Kim Kardashian may have to pay Kris Humphries in her divorce >>

Because today is Veterans Day, the court documents are not readily available — something we are sure Combs was aware of in choosing to file today.

This is Combs’ second divorce — she married and divorced actor Bryan Travis Smith in the ’90s.

Based on her recent Twitter feed, Combs seems to be coping well, thanks to her friend and former Charmed co-star, Shannen Doherty. “Fast car. Loud music, Partner in crime/right arm @DohertyShannen and suddenly we are 19 again. #TruLuv,” she tweeted this week.

It seems that Combs’ Charmed co-stars are having better luck with love, lately. Doherty just married Kurt Iswarienko in Malibu on Oct. 15 . Alyssa Milano married agent David Bugliari two years ago and they just had their first child, a boy named Milo, in August.

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Sacha Baron Cohen has joined Quentin Tarantino’s highly anticipated drama, Django Unchained. The Golden Globe-winner was specifically picked by the director to play a key character in the film.

Sacha Baron CohenSacha Baron Cohen is taking his career to the next level. The actor who’s known for playing comedic characters such as Borat, Bruno and Ali G, is taking a serious turn. Cohen is in talks to join the cast of Quentin Tarantino‘s upcoming drama Django Unchained.

Django Unchained already has a massive cast led by Leonardo DiCaprio and Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx. The film takes place in the U.S.’s South during the 1800s, when slavery was a common economic practice. DiCaprio plays a corrupt and callous plantation owner named Calvin Candie, and Foxx portrays slave-turned-bounty hunter Django.

Cohen joins the cast as Scotty, a small but significant character in the story. Scotty is an awkward gambler who buys Django’s wife as a female companion. According to Variety, Tarantino was very particular about who was cast in the role. The character is supposed to be one of the few “good guys” that appears in the racially-fueled drama.

Other notable actors signed on to Django Unchained include Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Kurt Russell, Don Johnson, Wu-Tang Clan founder RZA and Anthony LaPaglia. Levitt was originally rumored to play the role of Scotty, but it was later revealed that he and Lapaglia would play a pair of Australian brothers. The film is scheduled to start production later this month.

Next up, Sacha Baron Cohen can be seen in Martin Scorsese‘s family film Hugo. He plays a station inspector, who gets mixed up in the fantastical adventures of a young boy called Hugo Cabret .

Hugo debuts Nov. 23, 2011, while Django Unchained is slated to open in theaters Dec. 25, 2012.

Photo credit: Nikki Nelson/ WENN


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Gordon Ramsay, 'The Simpsons'Determined to have the kids think of her as a fun parent, too — they call Homer the “fun dad” — Marge finds some inroads with the kids when they start exploring unique foods with her. Suddenly, it’s a competition to see who’s more fun on ‘The Simpsons’ (Sun., 8:30PM ET on FOX).

Marge stressed about it so much, she started getting yelled at in her dream. And who better to yell at a new foodie on FOX than Gordon Ramsay, who told her, “You’re not as f****** fun as [Homer] and you never will be!”

Then apparently, he commandeered her dream as his own and forced himself to wake up, though I think that leaves him with the stranger dream. Marge dreamed of a world-famous chef. He dreamed of a strange housewife with crazy tall, blue hair.


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